• David Sigal

    David Sigal

    I'm passionate about technology and making our world better.



    #NICKSAFFRON #ORIGINAL #MUSIC http://neuromaster.com.au TV, Commercials, Games, Movies. THE FUTURE IS NOT FAR BEHIND #CryptoMusic #NEUROMUSIC #NEUROMASTER

  • Jordan Arentsen

    Jordan Arentsen

    Web Hacker.

  • Eva Kozanecka

    Eva Kozanecka

    Filmmaker, producer, strategist @ Google Research. Formerly MoMA, Google Creative Lab. Views my own.

  • Brendan English

    Brendan English

    I design and develop things for the internet.

  • Bomin Kim

    Bomin Kim

    User Interface Designer

  • Joacim Boive

    Joacim Boive

    Dev focusing on the web, sports & racing. Love the web & mobile development - particularly 4 iOS. #Amputee since 1993 - Bonecancer http://j.mp/1-leg-skiing

  • Alex Henry

    Alex Henry


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