Last year, at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all stuck at home, I bing-watched so many overland/vehicle-based travel shows on YouTube that I want to share my favorites with you as it might be too warm to go outside this week! The following channels are not ordered by preference, they are all equally inspiring in their own way.

Live Work Wander

I heard you can’t be an overlander if you don’t have patches on your headliner. I don’t like them but we do have one and it’s from… Jessica and Jorge of @liveworkwander!

Back in 2018, I found out about their channel when I was trying to find the perfect vehicle…

Our rig with its custom flatbed and storage boxes

Shortly after my wife and I put down a deposit for the camper, I started to look for a truck: we needed a reliable and proven platform to carry our new house. And let’s be honest, I have never really been a (full-size) truck guy and I did not want…

The cockscomb formed along the Cottonwood canyon road

I have a lot of appreciation for Utah deserts and I feel very spoiled to live in such a beautiful place. …

Chemin Blanc


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